Ramadan Calendar- 2020 PRE-ORDER

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THIS IS A PROMOTIONAL PRICE FOR CALENDARS THAT WILL BE READY FOR RAMADAN 2020. Unfortunately, we sold out very quickly of our 2019 stock, but now you can order and reserve your calendar for Ramadan 2020. Order now to guarantee yours! Price will increase as Ramadan 2020 approaches. 

Days of Eid™ is introducing the Ramadan Calendar to make Ramadan more interactive with your little ones. In the shape of a masjid with two beautiful minarets, this wooden calendar is the only one on the market that lights up. It has LED lights which give it a more realistic feel and is powered by two AA batteries. A Ramadan activity printable for each day is available on the website.

Measurements (inches): 18.5 in. x 3.0 in. x 23.5 in.