4 Ideas for Kids During Dhul Hijjah

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It’s already Dhul Hijjah! It feels like Eid Al Adha always sneaks up on us and we aren't as fully prepared for it as we are for Eid Al Fitr. We got you covered for ways to get your kid’s involved during this special time. 

1. Teach Them About the Steps of Hajj 

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Explaining exactly what  Hajj is to children can be hard sometimes. We need to remember to keep it simple for them, but we also want to make sure they are understanding Hajj from a religious point of view. 

Going to Mecca, a children's book that follows Muslims through  Hajj is a good way to explain . The colorful pages and illustrations give their imagination a look into Mecca and all things related to Hajj. 

Another idea is to make stations that represent the different steps of Hajj and walk your children through them. Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing.

2. The days of Eid Activity Packet

With this activity pack from Days of Eid you can have a fun project to do with your children everyday from the start of Dhul Hijjah to Eid, helping build their excitement for our special day of celebration! One of the activities teaches children to give Sadaqa by making their own Kaabah box.  When making their own Thikr beads they learn the way we are supposed to praise Allah. 

3. Build a lego Kaabah Model

We designed these custom instructions for a model of the Kaabah that you can build out of Legos. It keeps your kids occupied as you take advantage of the blessings of these ten days, while also helping them learn about the significance of the Kaabah itself. You might even discuss how the Kaabah was first built by Prophet Ibrahim AS , and then rebuilt during the time of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and what lessons you can learn from those stories. 

4. More resources

Islamic Relief USA also has several easy to download activities for kids. What I specifically liked was the wide variety of activities they had for all age groups. Whether you have toddlers who just want to color or school aged kids who love a good word search you’ll find them here. I think my favorite activity was Hajj map. It is simple, but it helps give our children a better perspective of what Hajj looks like visually. 

We can’t wait to see what you try! Remember to share your pictures with us by tagging us on instagram @daysofeid, Insha’Allah a blessed Dhul Hijjah for everyone.  



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