Our Ramadan Photo Contest Favorites

This past Ramadan was finally one full of socialization, alhamdulillah! Enjoying celebrations is always better when you can include your loved ones. Many rushed to secure their Ramadan and Eid decorations to bring back that holiday spirit. All over the gram, we saw beautiful interpretations of our Days of Eid decor. We received so many submissions to our website of proud displays! And we are so excited to share a few favorites. 

“Completely obsessed with our Ramadan advent calendar! Menaal looks forward to opening up a drawer every night before bed!” - @samreenk 

1. You already know, we love minimal design at Days of Eid. Samreen used the color palette of our dreams to create a luxurious arrangement. And look at the Days of Eid Countdown Calendar on display in such a glamorous way! 

 “Ramadan Mubarak! As a Muslim American parent we strive to make Ramadan extra special for our children to instill the love and excitement of this holy month in their hearts. Days of Eid decor has made decorating for Ramadan enjoyable for our family! Thank you Days of Eid!    - Sajjni

2. Depth, texture, color! This one is so beautiful and fun. Sajjni did such a wonderful job complementing the colors of our Days of Eid lanterns with the greenery and rustic furniture. How creative to use a tiered tray to showcase fun little Ramadan-themed decor trinkets.

3. Imagine the wonderfully festive feel of having an immersive room that surrounds you with all of the celebration of Ramadan and Eid. The balloon arch and floral touches in @californiakistan's home add a softness that compliments the floral details on the our Moon and Star Platter!

4. We say, there can never be too many signs! Look at this resourceful way in which @Sarasheikh2567 used the extra signage that comes with our Days of Eid Door Decor. Just look at that beautiful, simple crescent moon mirror playing off the gorgeous calligraphic art. 

"We loved using our decorated Ramadan corner for peaceful iftars and salat with our 3-year-old, starting our Ramadan traditions and building a culture for years to come iA! " -@heidelbirdie

5. The use of  our pennant and garland pack so creative! How it establishes a stylish focal point on the mantle. The simple addition of the cozy reading table is a great way to make your kids connect their Countdown Calendar to the lessons they learn in their Ramadan books!

6. We love this celestial entry table by Rabiasungur. Using risers to get your lanterns to different heights is a great way to add dimension. The way the center piece is placed makes it feel like the stars burst through to the sky. And let’s not forget the greenery that grounds the whole look!  

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