5 Ways to get Your Kids Excited for Ramadan

Kids corner featuring countdown calendar and moon star string lights


Believe it – Ramadan is coming right back around, alhamdulillah! This time last year, we were forced to slow down and appreciate the little things. Shared Iftars weren’t an option. Taraweeh at your local mosque was canceled.  It was up to us to bring the feel of Ramadan into our homes. I almost cracked under the pressure, but let’s be honest, it was one of the better Ramadans that some of us have been through.

As a mom of two boys, 5 and 2, this past Ramadan was the first one I a) had the time and energy to decorate and plan activities, and b) with so much time at home, my effort was actually appreciated! 

What’s the best way to trick your kids into doing something? I found that it's putting them in charge! Here are some ways you can get your kids to take charge and get excited for this upcoming Ramadan.

1. DéCOR

Ramadan Countdown Calendar Wooden Mosque

Yes, mama, we love our fancy Days of Eid décor! It’s classy; makes us feel like we really have this adult thing down pat. BUT — there is a way to add tasteful touches that represent your family without taking away from the beautiful Moroccan Mini Lanterns and burlap banners you love.  

Have your kids decide which three colors remind them of Ramadan, and stick to those. Make it a reoccurring tradition just to use those chosen colors when making Ramadan decorations from here on out; or, have a different theme every year!

Have your kids go candle shopping with you and choose a scent they think brings them comfort. These can be lit post iftar or while doing some Ramadan ibadah, and would go perfectly with all your Days of Eid Moroccan Lanterns.


Our Countdown Calendar is a great way to keep the energy going all month long. In each box, you can have a short hadeeth/message and a little treat. I also sprinkled some small surprise toys in there. My sons loved the element of surprise that it brought to us every day, and I love how I can adapt this tradition to grow with them every year. 

You can also use the Calendar to encourage Random Acts of Kindness. Have your kids plan different random acts of kindness that they can do daily for different people, and place them randomly in the countdown calendar. Examples could be: make blessing bags and distribute to people you see in the street, help mama with cleaning up, or they could simply make it a point to smile at everyone one day! Be creative, and remember it’s in the little things too. 


This is obviously one of the most crucial categories. Make it easy for yourself to focus on what matters in Ramadan and pre-plan a menu. Type it up and print a few copies out and have the kids decorate them with your Ramadan colors and some stickers (maybe even some glitter if you’re feeling risqué).  Another cute idea (with a lot less planning pressure): use a felt letter-board or dry erase board to have your kids write the Iftar of The Day! 

4. Charity

My favorite thing to do is to remind my kids about giving/generosity. “Charity does not decrease wealth.” You can either get one clear jar for the whole family, or one for each of your kids. Get some craft supplies that go with your Ramadan decorations and let those little Muslims go at it! Explain to them that everyday they can put in as much as they’d like, and then by the end of the month you can involve them in choosing where to donate it to Insha’Allah.   


Kids Ramadan Corner

Help them memorize! Sit down with your kids and search 30 different hadeeths/duaas that are easy to remember and put them in a book.  Write the hadeeth/duaa and have them draw a picture that represents it. This way, each day they’re able to either memorize or become familiar with each page of a book and end up with a lovely keepsake to remember the month by.  

Last, but not least — set up a designated salah/Quran reading area in your home. Have your kids help you decide where salah will be happening and figure out a cozy area to read Quran. You can set up the Ramadan books in the same area. This way, you and the kids have created a “ibadah corner” that can even be used year round. 

We can’t wait to see what you do with your littles! Remember to share your pictures with us by tagging us on instagram @daysofeid, Insha’Allah a blessed and fruitful Ramadan for us all.  



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