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Our New Look 

As Days of Eid has grown, I’ve grown with it and learned more and more about the Muslim community’s needs. Investing so much time and energy in building these products for families all over the world has pushed me to constantly revisit why establishments like Days of Eid are so important. Over the years, Days of Eid has become more than just a business, and come it has truly come into its own. This new identity naturally let to the formation of a new logo. 

Luxury and Innovation

The logo is sleek and its gold color is meant to exude a sense of luxury. Why? Because Muslims also deserve a luxury brand and luxury products to beautify our homes with. Growing up, around Christmas time, we were surrounded by the most gorgeous glittery decor of every color and deep down, I wished we celebrated Eid with the same enthusiasm. Now that I'm a mother and in charge of creating a holiday atmosphere for my kids, I understand that the beauty of our celebrations are in the little things: baking for neighbors, recipes for cookies passed down generations, donating to a cause, and moments with family. While these intimate traditions are valuable, I still remember constantly, the saying of the Prophet PBUH: “God is beautiful and He loves beauty.” (Sahih Muslim) Because of this, the Muslim community is so good at elevating our homes. We needed our own elevated design brand to speak to our unique needs and rich history of Islamic art and design. 

Around the holidays and year-round, our homes are places where we can beautifully express and embody our most important values. Whether it’s offering guests dessert in a gorgeous tray that speaks to our Islamic culture and heritage or decorating our doors with greetings from the sunnah, Days of Eid is an opportunity to make every detail meaningful. 

Our logo features gold textured elements. 

These textures are similar to the texture of our Door Decor

Reclaiming Traditional Elements

You shouldn’t have to compromise on what matters to you. Days of Eid values integrating traditional elements into our products, thereby reclaiming that as our own, in our homes. 

Our logo features a lantern and olive branches, two very significant pieces in our Islamic tradition. 

God says in the holy Quran, “I swear by the Fig and the Olive,“ [95:1] 

The olive branch is a symbol of peace and appears throughout our culture. 

And the lantern. Oh, the lantern! These days, you can probably find a ‘Moroccan lantern’ at your local Homegoods. But this symbol has deep roots in our tradition. Ramadan is a month in which the night is a sacred and valuable time. It is after sun-down that we break our fasts, make our most sincere prayers, and spend time with loved ones. Historically originated in Egypt, the lantern is symbolic of our prostrations made in the depths of night, when only God can bear witness to them. Elements like the lantern have long been appropriated. It is time for us to reclaim them as our own and display them in our homes as parts of our heritage. 

Days of Eid Door Decor

Our Door Decor has a beautiful olive branch detail on it. 

Moroccan Floor Lantern Set

Our collection features many types of lights and lanterns, including these Moroccan Floor Lanterns

As you grow and change, and our brand grows with you. Together we impact what Muslim identities in America look like. This logo is representative of what we are accomplishing together. 

Thank you all for your continued support and here’s to this journey together!

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