Join Us Every Day This Ramadan For Our #30DaysofEid Campaign!


                 Ramadan feels a little different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all quarantining at home and unable to attend nightly taraweeh prayers, qiyams, and iftars as our mosques are shut down. We have never experienced anything like this before. It’s easy to get caught up in our sadness and loneliness, and that’s ok. Like many of you, we’re feeling it too.

               We knew we had to do something. After all, we founded Days of Eid® with the intention of encouraging all Muslims from all walks of life to enjoy and celebrate Ramadan and Eid. It is our connection to Allah (swt) and to each other that creates the Ramadan spirit. We began brainstorming ways to still feel like we are experiencing Ramadan with our communities – how to essentially 'not miss out' on this Ramadan. The memories created during Ramadan are so special and remain in our minds and hearts for years – and this year should be no different, coronavirus and all!

    ’s our plan: Meet us everyday (yes, every. day.) this Ramadan on our Instagram Page @daysofeid at 2:00 PM CST to enjoy and interact with a special guest via Instagram LIVE. All features will be LIVE to encourage interaction between those tuning in with our wonderful hosts and with one another. Daily feature topics include spiritual & self-care discussions, home decor virtual sessions, story time & crafts for kids, Ramadan recipes from around the world, as well as fasting fitness Q&A's and maybe even LIVE workouts ;)


Here's our first week's lineup:

Day 1: Welcome LIVE Discussion hosted by myself (Reem) founder of Days of Eid®

Day 2: SELF-CARE: Live Q&A with Top 5 Podcast host, @MindfulMuslimah I'm going to pick her brain and ask her about how to plan our days during Ramadan to maximize Ibadah and time with our families.

Day 3: CHILDREN’S STORY TIME: Story Time with Author Heba Subeh-Hyder of Muslim Children's Book Series, @maymunasmusings  including her book "How Much Does Allah Love Me?"

Day 4: FASTING FITNESS: Live Q&A with Fitness Expert @Zainab_fitforAllah. I'll be interviewing her about how to stay healthy and in shape during the holy month. 

Day 5: RAMADAN RECIPES: Watch how Heifa Odeh, food blogger of @fufuinthekitchen teaches us how to make a traditional Palestinian Ramadan dessert. 

Day 6: SPIRITUAL DISCUSSION: Muna Ali , parenting coach and founder of @consciousparentingcorner, is going to delve into some serious Ramadan reflections and how to achieve what we're all looking for in this Ramadan given the current state of affairs. 

Day 7: CRAFTS: Hira Rizvi of @ZairZabrPlay  is going to walk us through some Ramadan activities she’s created that we can all use and enjoy this Ramadan. 

Join us as we embark on this journey of joy and community this Ramadan. There are no masjid walls or bloodlines to separate us. We are all one #daysofEidFamily. Make sure to tune in, post about your experience, and tag us at @daysofeid and use our special hashtag #30daysofEid to follow along.

~ Talk with you all soon,


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