What We Can Take From the Story of Ibrahim AS

Sub7anAllah, in just a couple of weeks Eid al Adha will arrive, and our families get to ride the high of summer celebrations! My kids are already excited enough that there’s another Eid happening so soon, that they may find it hard to understand the particular significance of Eid al Adha. Having been raised with an awareness of the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and its correlation with this Eid of Sacrifice, I wanted to be sure my own children know the story, and they’re able to extract from it lessons for today’s world.

No parent in the world, I think, can even begin to understand the level of trust in Allah (SWT) required to consider sacrificing your own child – for a higher purpose or otherwise. Tawakkul, or trusting in Allah (SWT), is an important part of our faith. We always trust in Him and His plan for us, and try to accept whatever comes our way. 

But the Prophet Ibrahim had so much tawakkul in Allah (SWT) and His plan, that he proceeded with the intention to sacrifice his own son, Ismail, at the request of Allah (SWT).  But what Prophet Ibrahim did not know at the time, was that Allah (SWT) was testing his faith. Prophet Ibrahim did not question what he saw in his dream; and Ismail did not question his father’s prophetic dream, agreeing to whatever Allah (SWT) willed. By intending to follow through with Allah’s (SWT) request, whether or not it went against all natural inclinations, Ibrahim as well as his son Ismail both demonstrated strong and unwavering tawakkul.

As we all know, Allah (SWT) ultimately saved Ismail at the top of Mount Arafat by replacing him with a lamb, which is where our Eid sacrifice tradition stems from. 

So what do we take from this story? We, who are so far removed from the prophetic world. Here in our modern world, where miracles are subtle and often questioned. How do we enact this level of deep faith in our Creator? How can we mimic even an aorta of the faith that Prophet Ibrahim had in Rabna (SWT), especially in our day to day? You’re looking for a new job, how do you keep faith? Waiting on results after a health scare, how do you keep faith? Struggling with something you think you just can’t handle, how do you keep faith?


Photo by Ömer F. Arslan on Unsplash

Photo by Ömer F. Arslan on Unsplash

Eid al Adha is about more than just slaughtering sheep, or remembering the sacrificial components of our holiday. It’s also about the importance of having tawakkul in the Master Plan of Allah (SWT). It’s about family, and having so much love for your family that you trust them for the love of Allah (SWT). This Eid al Adha, let’s vow to strengthen our trust in the Most High and our relationships with our families.    



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