Welcome! Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Posted by Reem Sayes on

Being a former Chicago Public School teacher in an inner-city high school with a very small number of Muslims really made me realize the blessing I had going to a private Islamic school (shoutout to Universal). Ramadan and Eid went on without notice and it broke my heart. I love the way I grew up and I want all Muslims to enjoy and look forward to Eid.      

Fast forward a few years and here I am a mother of two little boys trying to create memories for them. It has been such a struggle to find nice Eid decorations that I love and show my faith inside my home and especially outside of my home. There has been so much negativity in the media lately regarding Muslims and Islam. But that is not our reality. The truth is that most of us are law-abiding, well-educated, fun-loving American-Muslims. Our holidays are beautiful and sacred and should be celebrated widely. My main objective in this first piece that I have designed is to make Eid a festive event for Muslims and to be able to display the festivities to everyone who passes by any Muslim household.