Why We Started Days of Eid

Days of Eid founder Reem Sayes and her husband

This is the story of why we started Days of Eid and why I, in particular, had such an inclination to design and mass produce Ramadan, Eid, and Islamic home decor.

You see, I grew up between two opposing worlds. 

In one world, I saw Muslims thriving, doing amazing things, and being the best of the best at home and in society at large. And yet, in the other world, it wasn’t cool to be Muslim (or Arab for that matter). Rather, it was cooler to lose your mother tongue, culture and change your name.  I wondered, have we Muslims forgotten that we are the people of algebra, astronomy, medicine? Have we forgotten the contributions we’ve made that have changed the world as we know it? 

Living in a world as beautifully diverse as ours, I understand it is natural to somewhat adapt- we take on food dishes and fashion trends everyday like it’s nobody’s business! But we must adapt the world to us and to our needs as well, not just reverse. Because not every trend and dish is necessarily good or healthy for us. By firmly establishing our faith as our foundation, we see everything from a perspective that prioritizes our well-being, in this world and the next. 

Days of Eid Home Collection, and Lights and Lanterns

But how do we put ourselves first if we do not know ourselves and how do we teach our children to do the same? This is why identity is important. There truly is nothing more powerful than someone who knows who they are, especially when that someone is a mother. When a mother stands firm in her beliefs regardless of what “everyone else” is doing, she raises a different kind of child: a leader, a mover, a shaker- not a follower. As a mother myself, it is my responsibility to create an environment built on a foundation of faith, unshakeable values, and a confident sense of self That way, no matter what the world may throw at my children, their foundation will be their backbone.

So how do I create this environment? By nurturing a home that isn’t just full of pretty home decor (because Lord knows I love it) but that also inspires meaning in my children's everyday lives, connecting them to who they are.

Days of Eid Founder Reem Sayes and her child coloring

We must ask ourselves: What does my home say about me? What does our home mean to my children and their understanding about our family and faith values? What do my neighbors glimpse when they see my home? 

Because a home isn't just a space enclosed between four walls, it is where we have conversations over dinner and where we tuck our little ones to bed. It is where we express our love and share the most meaningful of laughs. Our homes are where we celebrate who we are. 

This is the mission of Days of Eid:


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