Planning Your Perfect Fall Picnic

Ah, Fall. That light breeze, the changing color of the trees, and the smell of pumpkin spice at your local coffee shop. The weather right now is arguably “perfect” and it’s time to take advantage by planning a picnic for your family and friends.

Who said picnics are for the summer only? Now more than ever, picnics are the social-distancing-friendly activity of the season.

Whether it’s a family get-together, a birthday party, or even a bridal shower. A picnic is a great way to stay safe while still enjoying the company of loved ones and celebrating big occasions!

We put together a list of ideas to help you plan the perfect Fall picnic:

1.Use a Fall Garland as a Table Runner:

 We recommend using a festive runner along the table to set the Autumn mood. Here’s one we used for a Days of Eid summer picnic featuring peaches and oranges.

For Fall, a colorful Fall leaf garland and scattered pumpkins and sunflowers would look great!

For a bright Fall garland on a budget, recommend this one from Michael’s. For a more high-end garland, this pomegranate and pinecone one from Pottery Barn might be what you’re looking for! 

PRO-TIP: These can be repurposed as seasonal door or mantle decor! 

2.Feature a Festive Centerpiece Dessert

Draw the attention of the picnic to one main dessert. Stack some grazing board staples like figs, cheese and honey unto our Moon and Star Platter or feature a heavenly homemade pie (we recommend caramel apple pie).

Moon and Star Platter

2.Individual Picnic Blankets

Usually, picnics are done one one long table. However, if you’re looking to have a larger gathering, maintain social distancing by setting up individual picnic blankets 6 ft. apart.

Here are some gorgeous examples:


Use plaid or neutral throws as picnic blankets and use cushions or even haystacks as cute and comfy seats that match the season! 

The Wedding Chicks

We love this setup from the Wedding Chicks

3. Host your Picnic Under the Stars

Picnics are traditionally done during the day but switch it up by having a nighttime bonfire-style picnic. Create a warm ambience by scattering light around your backyard. Use the Days of Eid Moroccan Floor Lanterns for a unique touch of culture.

Another option is to hang string lights from a tree and lay them out on your picnic spread for an even more magical glow!

Moon and Star String lights

4.Choose Convenience Without Compromising Style

Tableware and dining utensils are almost just as important as the food itself. Keep it classy by using our disposable paper plates and bowls. That way, you don’t have to worry about dishes afterwards but can still feature a bold and beautiful print! Our paper plates would look gorgeous paired with neutral pumpkins and bright yellow sunflowers. 

PRO-TIP: Add a subtle touch that makes all the difference by prepping each guest’s utensils. Simply wrap the utensils in a napkin and tie everything together with twine. Make your guests feel extra special by having their utensils ready on their plate.

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