A #DaysofEidStyle Friendsgiving

White marquee centerpiece on white tablescape

As I grow older, I realize more and more the value of friendship. That’s why, whenever November comes around, I not only start planning for our Thanksgiving dinner plans with family, but my Friendsgiving plans too. I’m not sure where and how Friendsgiving came about, but it’s one of those all-around wholesome traditions that give me the perfect excuse to celebrate and appreciate my friends and share some delicious food.  

This year, Friendsgiving might look different. But if you can find a safe way to socially distance and celebrate, or even just decorate to keep your spirits high, we have some ideas you can incorporate!

1. Dried Florals

Dried florals are a gorgeous way to bring nature inside while staying in season. The choices are endless: Pampas grass, lagurus, dried baby's breath, dried palms. You can put these in vases or just lay them out across the table as a table runner. You can upgrade the look and do something more creative! We love the idea of hanging dried florals upside down over the table to give your decor an ethereal floating feel. 

Make the look more cohesive by adding dried florals to your door too. You can do this by using wire, string or tape to arrange them along the bottom of the Days of Eid Door Decor.

white tablescape with pink babies breath and candles
Fall kitchen featuring our door wreath

2. Statement Vases

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We all know minimal decor has been a popular look for a while now. I love it because it’s low maintenance. Meaning, you can use the basic white serving ware in your cabinet and it still looks right out of a magazine. Ceramic, specifically, is a great material to look for when buying decorative pieces because it has a raw empty-canvas look to it. 

Or go for the on-trend amber vase look, bringing in warm tones that are perfect for fall. 

3. Soft Light 

Soft light isn’t just a decorative addition, it sets the entire mood. As the days get shorter and nights get longer, soft lights are a beautiful ambience for evening dinners. We especially love candlesticks (mix & match height), lanterns, and string lights laid out down the table.

To go along with the minimal, amber-toned theme, we recommend using our moroccan floor lanterns for the perfect bronze-gold accent along a table-runner.

Moon star platter and moroccan floor lanterns


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I love texture. It’s such a bold way to make a space more interesting. And a table runner serves just that purpose. I mean, why have your centerpiece set on a plain wooden table when you can frame it with color and lushness? If you want the expensive look on a budget, buy a yard of velvet fabric in the color of your choice from a local fabric store! To maintain that natural, minimal look, an off-white linen fabric would be perfect. Sage green is an on trend and versatile color choice for either look.

5. A pop of color  

Balance out neutral tones and with a pop of color. With subtle blues and greens, these plates are the perfect compliment to traditional fall oranges and browns. Or go for bright yellows and rich greens for the eye to focus in your centerpieces or place cards.   

photo by @wallah.amar and @creatingmemoriesla


This one is less of a decor idea for the eyes and more-so one for the heart. Set out a gratitude jar or board for your friends to fill up. Have your friends write and add things they’re grateful for to it throughout the night and at the end read them all out loud. As God says in the Quran, “If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more…” [14:7]

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